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Cllub Image 9 Resized.jpg
179 viewsSide view shows the extent of the changes
Club Finish.jpg
177 viewsThe Finished Article, a great job done lads
Club Image 8 resized.jpg
136 viewsIts almost finished, debate about the colour of the paint
Club View 4 Resized.jpg
177 viewsNot possible to change anything in this weather
HBC winter work 1.jpg
143 viewsThe side view shows thhe extent of the task the boys undertook
HBC winter work 2.jpg
192 viewsThe workers transforming the outside of the clubhouse stop fo a break
HBC winter work 3.jpg
160 viewsTom Adkin gets on with the Inside work
HBC winter work 4.jpg
151 viewsThe cement has to be mixed, Ian takes itn in hand
172 viewsClub from a distance
167 viewsClub from a different angle before changes
159 viewsThe Side view before changes
155 viewsA More Panoramic View
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